Caracterization - PMA
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The cabinet’s activity extends over a period that widely surpasses the 60’s, being dedicated to all types of public building conception, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, etc., which, on account of their nature, may not easily be classified as of the “current” type.

Education Facilities

The secondary and college education facilities, amongst which we point out the Vila Franca de Xira’s Secondary School, Literature, Law and Medical Sciences Lisbon Universities. Improvement and Expansion Master Plan for the Engineering School, being several buildings executed, such as the Civil Engineer Department Pavilion, with 30.000m² area, the Post Graduation School, with about 17.000m² area, the “Science” Building, with 7.000m² area, the North Block building, with 10.000m² area and the South Block, in the new facilities for the Chemical Engineer Department, with 13.500m². In the higher education area, the drawing of the Engineering Institute in Tagus Park was also mentioned, with an area of about 15 hectares, covering buildings with a gross area of about 77.800m².



In this respect, we point out the National Health Institute Dr. Ricardo Jorge, Évora´s Veternary Medicine Laboratory, Agarve’s Public Health, amongst others.


Industrial Facilities

We point out the Portuguese Philips Complex, in Carnaxide, the Pasta and Biscuits Factory, in Lisbon, at Beato, and Biscuits Factory in Mem Martins, both designed for what was then the “Portugal and Colonies’ Industrial Company”, today “Nacional”, the COSIDER Plate Cutting Factory, in Vendas de Azeitão, and, also, many industrial buildings for the Free Water Public Company – EPAL, mentioning the ones that integrate Asseiceira’s Water Treatment Station and Water Pumping in Vila Franca de Xira, Torres Vedras e Cacela, as well as other kindred industrial facilities to Azores, Madeira, Angola and Mozambique.

Office Buildings

In this area of activity, the Bank of Portugal’s service facilities in “Portugal Building” must be emphasized, since it was a project that involved a 57.000m² gross area arrangements, also the SIBS Interchange Services Society, some of Portuguese IBM offices and Montepio Geral bank agencies including a study on a new image for all agencies. The Architecture and interior design expertise and experience take a significant role in this kind of buildings.


Buildings Rehabilitation and Recovery

Intervention in buildings with obvious aesthetic value, placing them in the national artistic heritage. Among them we include the former Medicine University nowadays Medical Science Institute, in Campo de Santana, Lisbon, Bank of Portugal main building, IST – Engineering University initial facilities, Flor da Murta Palace in Oeiras and Sant’Ana’s Hospital laundry building in Parede.


Hotel Buildings

The office’s experience goes back to the 50’s with projects as the Tivoli Hotel, the Tivoli Garden Hotel, and the Ritz Hotel. Recently, the Quinta de Santo António hotel complex in Sintra must be noted.

DCF 1.0

Housing Buildings

Large scale projects have been developed in this field, such as the “Caixa de Previdência do Pessoal de Caminho de Ferro de Benguela” building in Lisbon, with 124 dwellings, Restelo’s Housing Block, Lisbon, with 17 dwellings, and several buildings, totaling 44 dwellings, in Cacém, according to the Polis program.