IRN Setúbal - PMA
IRN – Conservatórias do Registo Civil, Predial e Comercial de Setúbal, Pardal Monteiro Arquitectos
IRN, Conservatórias do Registo Civil, Predial, Comercial, Setúbal, Pardal Monteiro Arquitectos
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IRN Setúbal

IRN – Civil Registry, Building and Commercial Registry of Setúbal
IGFEJ – Instituto de Gestão Financeira e Equipamentos de Justiça

The present project concerns the remodeling of the old facilities of the Finance Office, located at Dr. António Rodrigues Manito avenue 80 to 88 in Setúbal. Taking into consideration the functional changes dictated by the Reform of the Judicial Organization, we were entrusted by the IGFEJ to develop the general project for the installation of CRCivil, CRPredial and CRCivilcial of Setúbal in these facilities.
The building in question has the usual constructive features of the time and an image that easily identifies with the 1980s image of commercial and residential buildings.
It consists of several flats and two commercial areas on the ground floor.
The facilities where we will intervene are the two stores located in the ground floor, interconnecting, and a basement occupying part of the space above.
The intervention space has three independent entrances, for Dr. António Rodrigues Manito street and another for the basement on the ramp to access the parking lot of the property in the back street.
Constructively it is characterized by a reticulated structure of pillars, beams and slabs in reinforced concrete, framing façade, walls and partitions in ceramic brick masonry.
The intervention took into account the functional needs of the services to be installed, according to the layout and concept study presented, and respecting, as far as possible, the technicians’ orientations. It is constituted by the general rehabilitation of the space, annulling the situations of physical and aesthetic degradation, and the conditions of “habitability” and environmental for the proper functioning of the IRN.
The interior finishes are in general those foreseen by the image study for IRN stores in order to maintain the image characteristics for this store.
The finishing materials are exhaustively specified for each case in both the detail drawings and in the Description of the Finishes, so that no further enumeration is necessary here.



Instituto de Gestão Financeira e equipamentos da Justiça


avenue Dr. António Rodrigues Manito 80 a 88


Intervention Area:

1 018 m²






Remodeling of the ground floor of the building, taking in account the installation of the services of the Civil Registry, Building and Commercial Registry of Setúbal.



– João Cottinelli Telmo Pardal Monteiro – Architect

– Manuel Cottinelli Telmo Pardal Monteiro – Architect

– Sónia Machado Mendes – Architect

– Pedro Cunha – Architect

– Paulo Fontainha – Architect

– Rodrigo Moutinho

Mechanical Installations and Equipment

– João Rocha – Engineer

Water and Sewage Equipment and Installation

– Diâmetro

Electrical and Telecommunication Equipment and Installation

– Luís Serrão – Engineer