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New Building for the Algarve Regional Health Laboratory

Algarve Regional Health Administration

The lot presents almost no slope. Its shape, which is roughly a rectangular trapezoid facing south, with 87.5m long and an average width of 20.5m, strongly conditioned the proposal.

The building of the Laboratory’s installations is developed in two floors, with a rectangular shape, where the upper floor is occupied by the laboratories and the lower one is occupied by the support services, administration and attendance to people from outside.

Below these floors, a basement has been created for the Algarve’s ARS general storage. Above the floor of the laboratories is the floor containing the technical facilities. This has a very small covered area, since most of the facilities are outside only enveloped by a grid that hides them from outside visibility.

The distribution of the services on the ground floor is very simple. From the main entrance we have, on the right, the administrative services and the access to the upper floor; on the left, the reception of samples and collections and the cafeteria, with an autonomous location that guarantees complete independence between these services and the laboratories.

On the upper floor, the Microbiology and the Physical Chemistry laboratories are perfectly differentiated. As a safety measure, both laboratories have their own emergency exits, located at the opposite ends to the access through the main entrance, and connected through a gallery to an external emergency staircase.

Generally speaking, the fenestration covers the whole length of the façades in order to provide satisfactory natural lighting. To avoid the serious inconvenience of excessive penetration of direct solar radiation, the plane of the glass is recessed in relation to the plane of the façade giving rise to an overhang that constitutes a sort of shading visor. In addition, adjustable external blinds are planned to protect against the penetration of both light radiation (visible spectrum) and infrared radiation.



Algarve Regional Health Administration


E.N. 125 Sítio das Figuras, lote 1


Construction Area:

3.135 m²






Project for a public building to house the Public Health Laboratories of the Algarve Region



– João Cottinelli Telmo Pardal Monteiro – Arquiteto

– António Henriques – Arquiteto

– Sónia Machado Mendes – Arquiteta

-Paulo Antunes – Arquiteto

– Rodrigo Moutinho