Rua Luciano Cordeiro, 13 - PMA
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Rua Luciano Cordeiro, 13

Armadilo, Lda


Considering the building’s renewal that has been occurring in the last decades, the intervention, both in the volumetry level and in the plastic composition level, goes towards the integration in the urban image and on the streets’ enrichment perspective.

The proposal is of integration, in what concerns to the volumetry, being the composition and the facade materials’ selection going towards the area’s enrichment. The Lioz stone and the glass are the prevailing materials in a solution that is intended to be sober, but incorporating an aesthetic and constructive solution.

In the facades and roofing design the features related with energetic saving and environmental comfort were taken in to account.

The building is composed by one commercial floor, lobby and social spaces of the residential area, 6 housing floors, and an entry floor to the car parking space and storehouses and 4 floors to car parking places.

In a total of 10 dwellings, the typologies are distributed as follows:

– one T1 and one T2 in each of the floors 1,2,3 and 4

– one T3 in the floor 5

– one duplex T5 in the floor 6 and 7 (back floor).


Armadilo, Lda


Rua Luciano Cordeiro, 13 – Lisbon

Construction Area:





Residential building Project, with 10 dwellings, commerce in the ground floor level and 20 underground car parking places.

Typologies: 4 T1, 4 T2, 1 T3 and 1 duplex T5.



– João Cottinelli Telmo Pardal Monteiro – Architect

– Manuel Cottinelli Telmo Pardal Monteiro – Architect

– António Pedro Batista Pardal Monteiro – Architect

– Sónia Machado Mendes – Architect

– Bruno Appolloni – Architect

– Pedro Cunha – Architect

– Rodrigo Moutinho