COSIDER - Companhia de Serviços Siderúrgicos, Lda - PMA
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COSIDER – Companhia de Serviços Siderúrgicos, Lda

An industrial unit designed by António Pardal Monteiro in 1978, which the goal was to cut large-scale sheet steel. The project comprises a set of facilities, encompassing, in addition to the factory building, other facilities for different purposes, including social and administrative services.

Related to the industrial building it is stated that the plate is received in large coils, whose weight can reach values close to fifty tons, which after being sectioned will be stored. Thus, and in its broad lines, as a sequence of the industrial process, a vast raw material warehouse, consisting of “coils” of various dimensions, of a processing zone where the cutting of the sheet is processed, and finally a finished product warehouse for the cut sheet. To give satisfaction to this scheme of work was conceived a building formed by two vast volumes arranged perpendicularly, in the form of a huge T. The most extensive volume, arranged substantially normal to the national highway is destined, all of it, to stock. The other houses, the manufacturing zone and the finished product warehouse.

The Social and Administrative Services Building, in the form of an elongated rectangle, is located parallel to the manufacturing hall, near its end. With two floors, the ground floor is for social services and the first floor for administrative.
Regarding the constructive aspects all the buildings have been designed based on reinforced concrete structures. The large naves of the factory building, with spans of 25 m and 30 m, are covered with pre-stressed concrete elements that, in turn, support roofs consisting of channels, in some cases translucent, for illumination.


Cosider – Companhia de Serviços Siderúrgicos, Lda


Vendas de Azeitão – Setúbal

Construction Area:

16.000 m²






Project of an industrial set intended for the Slab Cutting Factory in Vendas de Azeitão – Setúbal, incorporating Factories facilities and Management and Social Services



– António Pedro Batista Pardal Monteiro – Architect

– Rodrigo Moutinho

– Amadeu Lourenço

– João Sobral Otero

Foundations and Structure

– Artur Ravara – Engineer


– Electroconsul