Veterenary Laboratory of Évora - PMA
DRAE - Laboratório Veterinária Évora, Pardal Monteiro Arquitectos
DRAE, Laboratório Veterinária Évora, Pardal Monteiro Arquitectos
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Veterenary Laboratory of Évora

Évora’s Regional Agriculture Department


The formulation of a project for a building where the laboratory function is prevailing has its own particularities. In this case the guiding program’s development reflects such fact.

Further to what is expressed in the functional program to satisfy, the following conditions would have to be considered in the new building’s design, as programmatic information:

Since the concern is the design of a building that will be the extension of a second one, the new one would have to be designed accounting similar aesthetic parameters, especially on account of the fact that the existing building, in what concerns to its features, is an available piece.

Considering that it is a facility located in mid Alentejo, the local particular climacteric conditions may not be ignored, characterized by cold winters and summers that, sometimes, are extremely hot with a high solar radiation, requiring that the buildings ensure an effective protection.

From the Functional Solution

The current facilities are composed by a set of building elements well outlined, but functionally interconnected.

Although the new programmed facilities occupy a space that exceed any of the current elements, it was thought-out a solution that may be incorporated in the initial design, in order to allow the final solution to be presented as a uniform whole, where a new building element was added to the existing ones, accounting the accordant aesthetic principles.

Following the above expressed, the new building, with a rectangular shape, will be composed as an autonomous piece, connected to the existing one trough a glazed gallery that not only establishes the necessary interconnection, but it will communicate directly with the exterior.

Composed, mainly, by a single floor, where all the laboratories and the other programmed facilities will be incorporated, following the double-pitched roof arrangement, will be topped by a technical upper hollow, where the varied technical equipment, necessary to the laboratories’ correct function, will be lodged, which, due the discontinuity assigned to the double-pitched roof, will have an opening, developing through the building, ensuring that the local lightning favors the installment of equipment that requires air exchanges with the exterior.


Évora’s Regional Agriculture Department



Construction Area:







Building intended for Évora’s Veterinary laboratories.



– João Cottinelli Telmo Pardal Monteiro – Architect

– Manuel Cottinelli Telmo Pardal Monteiro – Architect

– António Pedro Batista Pardal Monteiro – Architect

– Sónia Machado Mendes – Architect

– Rodrigo Moutinho

Foundations and Structure

– Paulo Reis – Engineer

Mechanical Equipment and Facilities

– Teprol

Water and Sewage Equipment and Facilities

– Teprol

Electrical Equipment and Facilities

– Luís Serrão – Engenheiro

Gas Equipment and Facilities

– Teprol

Integrated Safety

– João Pardal Monteiro – Arquitecto