Former Rodrigues Lobo High School in Leiria - PMA
Remodelação do antigo Liceu Rodrigues Lobo - Leiria, Pardal Monteiro Arquitetos
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Former Rodrigues Lobo High School in Leiria

Remodeling of the former High School Rodrigues Lobo in Leiria
IGFEJ – Instituto de Gestão Financeira e Equipamentos de Justiça


This project concerns the intervention in the building of the High School Rodrigues Lobo old facilities, located in Tenente Valadim street, 44 to 46.
The building was built from scratch to install the High School Rodrigues Lobo in Leiria. The project is of unknown author and was inaugurated in June of 1894.
During more than a century of operation it underwent several functional adaptations that implied interior alterations and enlargements, being that its exterior image of the main façade was generally maintained.
Taking into account the changes dictated by the new “Judicial Map”, we were entrusted by the IGFEJ to develop the general project to install the new Installations of the Commercial Court, Criminal Instruction and Services of the MP in Leiria, and to rehabilitate the entire property.
The building in question has the usual constructive features of the time and an image that easily identifies with the image of public buildings in the early twentieth century.
It consists of two main floors occupying the whole area of implantation, a semi partial basement and a courtyard with two small annexes of a floor.
Constructively, it is characterized by a basic construction compound by an initial building constituted by self-supporting walls of masonry of stone and wooden pavements.
Subsequently it has undergone several successive changes:
The first one will have been the Southwest body, where today the gymnasium is located, made in the same type of construction of the original building.
Later in the course of the twentieth century there were several interventions in which in the existing bodies some wooden flooring was replaced by lightweight slabs of reinforced concrete and the initial body was enlarged with a mixed construction, with walls in stone masonry, slabs of reinforced concrete, including the roof and some walls of ceramic brick.
Of the Solution
The intervention focuses on three fundamental aspects: the general rehabilitation of the building, nullifying physical and aesthetic deterioration, functional remodeling and the “habitability” and environmental conditions that are fundamental to the overall smooth functioning of the Court and the expansion of the building with the entire functional program within it.
The projected architectural solution took into account the preservation of the initial building in its integral, although changing the compartmentalization and making the reorganization of the spaces maintaining the concepts and formal language of the building;
In the expansion the intervention was made safeguarding the valences and testimonies of greater impact of the existing building, adopting a solution of great simplicity, integrating with the existing building, although with a current language. An important point of this intervention is the large hall, occupying the central area of the former covered courtyard, which will function as the central nucleus of the building and where, taking advantage of the double right foot created and the zenith lighting will obtain an area of great spatial dignity and that will be the waiting area of the courtrooms.




IGFEJ – Instituto de Gestão Financeira e equipamentos da Justiça



Intervention Area:

About: 3.500 m²






Remodeling and expansion of the former Liceu Rodrigues Lobo building taking into account the installation of the Administrative and Fiscal Court of Leiria.



– Manuel Cottinelli Telmo Pardal Monteiro – Architect

– João Cottinelli Telmo Pardal Monteiro – Architect

– Sónia Machado Mendes – Architect

– Pedro Cunha – Architect

– Paulo Fontainha – Architect

– Mariana Silva – Architect

– Cláudia Domingues – Designer

– Rodrigo Moutinho

Foundations and Structure

– Paulo Reis – Engineer

Water and Sewage Equipment and Installation

– Teresa Paula Santos – Engineer

Mechanical Installations and Equipment

– João Rocha – Engineer

Electrical and Telecommunications Equipment and Installation

– Luís Serrão – Engineer

Safety and Fire Protection

– António Portugal – Architect