Superior Institute of Agronomy Zootechnical Section's Building - PMA
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Superior Institute of Agronomy Zootechnical Section's Building

The project concerns to the improvement of I.S.A.’s Zootechnical Section, located in the Tapada da Ajuda in Lisbon.

The intention was to provide the section, through the improvement and expansion, of facilities adequate to the developed work.

Since the facilities were damaged and inappropriate to the developed work, the improvement of one building element and the demolition of several buildings and sheds were planned, in order to be replaced by a new building.

The recovered building is an animals’ facility, which at the time was partly disabled. Notwithstanding its degradation, the option was to improve and recover it, on account of the established connection with the neighboring constructions

The new building is itself a unit connected to the existent building, located in the place where the sheds and the precarious constructions were demolished.

Being an industrial facility for animals, the aimed solution would have to maintain the functional aspects, be integrated in the existing construction elements, adopting a formal language that, not being an exact copy of the existing one, it does resort to the surrounding’s existing typologies and elements .

Of the solution

The facilities for rabbits are located in the recovered element, incorporating the Metabolism Room, the Production’s Research Room and a small supporting room. The supporting room for these facilities will be located in the borderer area, in the new building.

The other animals’ facilities and the work offices’ area are also located in the new building, incorporating the Fattening Room, Metabolism Room, Digestibility Room, Fistulated Animals’ Room, Slaughterhouse, Stowage, Heater and Weighing-machine Room, Cold Storage Room, two Offices and toilets.

Building to recover: It is a building with merely a ground floor, composed by brick masonry walls, supporting wood trusses that uphold a triple-pitched roof, of Marseilles’ tile. The improvement aimed for the consolidation and recovery of the façade walls and for the replacement of the existent trusses by equal ones.

New building: It is a structure composed by reinforced concrete columns and beams. Above this structure is supported by the roof structure composed by beams and slats of pre-made reinforced concrete. The roof is finished with Marseilles’s tiles and the walls are made of plaster ceramic’s brick masonry.


Superior Institute of Agronomy (Instituto Superior de Agronomia)

Lisbon’s Technical University (Universidade Técnica de Lisboa)


Tapada da Ajuda – Lisbon

Construction Area:

New Building – 585m²

Improvment – 150m²






Project for the animals’ new facilities and improvement of the existent building, located in the Institute’s campus, in Lisbon.



– Manuel Cottinelli Telmo Pardal Monteiro – Architect

– João Cottinelli Telmo Pardal Monteiro – Architect

– António Pedro Batista Pardal Monteiro – Architect

– Paulo Vasco Silva Antunes – Architect

– João Sobral Otero

– Rodrigo Moutinho

Foundations and Structure

– Gonçalo Pardal Monteiro – Engineer

Water and Sewage Equipment and Facilities

– Gonçalo Pardal Monteiro – Engineer

Electromechanical and Telecommunications Equipment and Facilities

Silvino Maio / Lacerda Moreira – Engineers